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Bengbu Baiye Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with network technology services and localized o2o platform operation support and services. The core of the company's establishment is based on the concept of cooperation, win-win situation, and persistence. It pursues the purpose of "customer first, service first", and actively responds to the advanced concept of "Internet +" by Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council. .

At present, the company has the only local intelligent network management background that can realize "three networks and one platform" and a seamless online and offline integrated data synchronization system. In August 2015, the company officially signed a cooperation agreement with China's Ali website operator Sanying E-commerce Co., Ltd., and strived to achieve the most powerful local operator. In October 2015, it signed a cooperation agreement with Luoyang Hengkai Technology to formally cooperate to operate the "China City Hotline" Bengbu localized o2o platform.

Baiye Technology regards adhering to high technology as the entity, with integrity and service-oriented thinking as the direction, and uses a sincere heart to shorten the distance between you and us, and provides a wide range of confused entrepreneurs with an ideal that can realize their ideals and realize their potential. stage. Provide the most professional network construction plan and network marketing plan and effect-oriented service for the development of the enterprise, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of the enterprise, created very considerable economic and social benefits, and has been widely approved by all sectors of society.

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